Establishment Prospectus


Mankind's future depends on solving a number of environmental problems, including water pollution. Our generation must take responsibility for improving and maintaining the Earth's environment so that future generations can survive.
The Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF) is a nonprofit organization established on March 12,1997. Water is vital to human life and industry ,and the aim of the foundation is to contribute to the development of new methods of water conservation and environmental protection.
The KWEF appreciates your support and understanding of its objectives and is grateful for your advice and encouragement.
Toshiyuki Nakai

Statement of Purpose

If the Earth's surface had not supported the formation of water during the 4.6 billion years of its existence, life as we know it could not have come about. Water helped bring biological life into being, with rivers in particular nurturing the development of human civilization. Human ingenuity has, in turn, brought forth the machinery and industries that enable the people of the developed world to enjoy prosperous lives.
On the other hand, this development is also responsible for upsetting the balance of the Earth's environment. Humanity has caused a number of environmental problems, including the pollution of the very water resources on which its existence depends.
To solve these environmental problems, the people of the Earth must achieve "sustainable development," which will allow humanity and the Earth to exist in harmony.
To provide our children with clean water and a clean environment, we must do all we can to promote the scientific study of sustainable development. It is our obligation to future generations to create a world in which both humanity and nature can thrive.
Since its foundation in 1949, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has contributed to the development of society and the protection of the environment primarily by processing water-from securing water resources to treating wastewater and other waste matter.
Separate from their own business interests, Kurita and its affiliates established the KWEF in 1997. The foundation's goal is to contribute to the development of society in the 21st century and help restore a clean environment.


Kurita Water and Environment Foundation

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