General Questions

No. Q A
1 I have been adopted in the past.
Is it possible for me to apply again?
You can apply again if you meet the "Criteria for Applicants who can apply".
2 May I apply for multiple applications with different themes? No, you cannot apply multiple applications.
3 Do you accept multiple applications from one organization? If the research content is different, we can accept multiple applications from one organization. However, please note the grant is directed to individuals, not groups/organizations.
4 Can I apply for the research theme that is subsidized by other foundation? Yes, you can apply.

Procedure after adoption / during the grant period

No. Q A
1 Will you send the selection result to my home? KWEF will send a postal letter to adopted applicant's university to confirm your enrollment.
2 Can KWEF transfer the grant to my personal account? No, KWEF does not transfer the grant money to the grantee’s private account.
3 What kind of expenses can the grant be used for? Please read carefully "Notes". The grant money should be used for the direct expenses of the research program, such as the purchase of equipment and reagent, outsourcing analysis costs, travel costs associated with fieldwork. If necessary, an appropriate charge for the institute overhead expenses can be taken from the grant money.
4 Is it possible to change the research plan and the use of the grant money stated in the application form? If grant recipients try to change the research content, research plan and expenditure plan described in the application form, they must submit a report including contents or plan to be changed, corresponding modified expenditure plan to the President of KWEF in advance and get his approval.



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